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 Bridal Expo Tips


 January 22, 2010 by Music By Design, Ltd.

It’s the weekend. Chances are he’s preparing for a Sunday filled with football, nachos and a nice micro brew, but you have much bigger plans to tackle: you’re attending a bridal expo. If this is your first expo, buckle up, it can be a bit overwhelming, but with a little preparation, you can make the most of your day. 

The Buddy System

First, bring your entourage. A the very least, bring your maid of honor, sister or mother to help you carry all of the loot you will definitely acquire after a day of visiting vendors. Consider bringing two bags. One bag for information from vendors your are truly interested in, and another bag for those that may not make the cut. This is useful when you are sifting through the information with your fiancé later that evening. It also helps to have someone with you who has gotten married to help point you in the right direction and advise you on what to look for in a good wedding vendor. 

Print at Home

If you are interested in a vendor contacting you, they will most likely ask you to fill out a sign-up sheet. Don’t waste time writing the same information over and over again.  Come prepared with pre made labels with the following information:

o    Bride’s Name

o    Groom’s Name

o    Wedding Date

o    Reception Venue

o    Email Address

o    Phone Number


Create a Wedding Email Address

When it comes to giving out your email address, you may not want your personal inbox flooded with wedding related emails. The solution: create a custom wedding-only email address which you give out to wedding vendors. For example: This way, you can easily keep your wedding planning separate from your other emails…like those fun forwards your mom keeps sending you.

Know the Schedule

Getting to an expo early doesn’t necessarily ensure that you will zip through the event. Traffic jams at vendor booths are common as each bride gets some face time. Most brides arrive early to visit the vendors and then attend the fashion show during the second half of the event. Knowing the fashion show schedule will help you plan your day and make things less stressful.


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